Mobile Treatment Services (MTS)

Image result for behavioral health peopleMobile Treatment Services (MTS)  is an intensive integrated blend of outpatient and psychiatric rehabilitation services. It provides assertive outreach, treatment and support to adults with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) and children with Severe Emotional Disturbances (SED) who resist more traditional forms of outpatient treatment. Service provision is mobile and provided in the individual's natural environment (i.e., home, street, shelters for the homeless, etc.).
QCI Behavioral Health is dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals who are challenged by mental illness and low income, especially those individuals who are traditionally considered the most difficult to serve. Our interdisciplinary team provides clinic and community-based services including psychiatry, psychotherapy, case management, and psychiatric and vocational rehabilitation. We are committed to a work atmosphere that is respectful and nurturing for staff and clients a like, and the provision of services in a highly flexible and client centered manner to
best meet the unique needs of those we serve.
Medication Support
Order medications from pharmacy
Deliver medications to clients
Educate about medication
Monitor medication compliance and side effects

Rehabilitative Approach to Daily Living Skills
Grocery shopping and cooking
Purchase and care of clothing
Use of transportation
Social and family relationships
Education about legal rights

Health Promotion
Preventive health education
Medical screening
Schedule maintenance visits
Liaison for acute medical care
Reproductive counseling and sex education

Housing Assistance
Find suitable shelter
Secure leases
Purchase and repair household items
Develop relationships with landlords
Improve housekeeping skills

Family Involvement
Crisis management
Counseling and psycho-education with family and extended family
Coordination with family service agencies

Work Opportunities
Support in finding volunteer and vocational opportunities
Liaison with and education of employers
Serve as job coach for clients



Financial Management
Plan budget and bill paying
Troubleshoot financial problems (e.g., disability payments)
Increase independence in money management
Assist with documentation
Accompany clients to entitlement offices t Manage food stamps
Assist with re-determination of benefits
Problem-oriented approach
Integrated into continuous work
Goals addressed by all team members
Communication skills development
Part of comprehensive rehabilitative approach

MTS Model
Mobile Treatment Services is a team treatment approach designed to provide comprehensive, community-based psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation, and support to persons with serious and persistent mental illness such as schizophrenia.

Treatment Approach and Methodology
  • maximize access to services;
  • motivate consumers to seek and continue treatment;
  • minimize resistance and denial;
  • confront dependency and helplessness;
  • provide a framework for prevention and health maintenance;
  • operate in the context of the “real world”; and
  • assure comprehensiveness in addressing the whole person within treatment.