Caring Staff

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Officers & Directors
  • Millie Richmond, MS, CEO
  • Alicia Dalton, MA, COO
  • Mark Bell, Financial Director
  • Umaru Labay-Kamara, MD, Medical Director
  • Sharon Lawrence, LCSW-C, ACSW, EAS-C,
    CAMS-II, DCC, Acting Clinical Director
  • Quintin Talley, LCPC, MTS Director 
  • Heather Kennedy, RN, BSN, Nursing Supervisor
  • Bindu Dennis, MSW, CSS Supervisor
  • Paula Bollinger, BS, BA, CHCO, Compliance Officer 
    • Umaru Labay-Kamara, MD
    • Ebony Cross, CRNP-PMH
    • Christopher Kowalsky, MD
    • Alicia Medina, CRNP-PMH
    • Hara Oyedeji, CRNP-PMH
    • Hanifa Addi, LGPC
    • George Guschwan, LCSW-C, Clinical Supervision
    • Jo Ann Hutchinson, LCSW-C
    • Evette Lee, LCPC
    • Ken McAullife, LMSW
    • Kristina Barker, LGPC
    • LaKetia Peoples, LMSW
    • Willie Ringold, LMSW
    • Christen Sneed, LCPC
    • Malissa Stephenson, LPC
    • Quintin Talley, LCPC
    • Allison Taylor, LCPC
    • Crystal Thorpe, LCSW-C
    • Johante Webb, LGPC
    • Joan Weill, LCSW-C, Clinical Supervision
    • Phylicia Wooten, LGPC
    • Heather Kennedy, RN, BSN, Nursing Supervisor
    • Kathy Barron, RN, BSN, Nursing Coordinator
    • Valerie Haley, RN, BSN
    • Kate Humphrey, RN
    • Gillian Luke, RN
    • Alemngeh Mbetazi, RN
    • Adaeze Oduenyi, RN
    • Beth Schapiro, RN, BSN
    • Latrice Stewart, RN
    • Matt Swayne, RN
    • Wubet Woldesemayate, RN, BSN

    Community Support Specialists 

    • Bindu Dennis, MSW, CSS Supervisor
    • Ciara Brooks, BA
    • Lotoya Ceasar, BS
    • Jennifer Edwards, MA
    • Annie Karmo, CSS
    • Hericc King, BA
    • Karen Keith, MA
    • Kelsey Rice, MS
    • Lennae Scott, BS
    • Phillip Walker, MSW

    Homeless Outreach

    • Danura Coleman, BS
    • Bindu Dennis, MSW
    • Billy Hill, CSS

    Mobile Treatment Transportation

    • Jermaine Barnes
    • Tori Carter
    • Rod Greene
    • Rasheeda Jones
     Support Services
    • Tori Carter, IT Support
    • Devany Dickerson, Office Manager 
    • Dennis Norman, Administrative Support
    • Brittney Okoro, Administrative Support
    • Chrystal Smith, Executive Assistant
    • LaQuishia Upson, Certified Medical Assistant

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