Programs & Services

Image result for geriatric mental healthAreas of Expertise
    Diversity and multicultural concerns
    Psychology and gender
    Sexual orientation
    Recovery from traumatic events, neglect, 
    and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse

Treatment Specializations — Children 
& Adolescents

    Adjustment to divorce & separation
    Behavior problems
    Blended & remarried families
    College adjustment & coping
    Gender identity
    Sexual orientation

Treatment Specializations — Adult

    Adjustment to divorce & separation
    Adult caretaker issues
    Culture, assimilation, & immigration
    Family of origin issues
    Gender identity & transgender concerns
    Growth & self-improvement
    Relationship issues
    Recovery from addictive behaviors
    Sexuality & sexual orientation 
    Women's issues
    Work & creative blocks

Types of Therapy

    Individual, couple, and family therapies
    System interventions

Therapeutic Approaches

    Psychodynamic — insight-oriented, examination of early influences on development
    Existential & spiritual — insight-oriented, addressing issues about meaning and purpose
    Cognitive-behavioral — altering thoughts and behaviors to achieve change
    Psycho-educational — focus on understanding behavioral and mental health problems
    Systems — understanding how families and communities influence behavior

Insurance Information

Medical insurance often covers mental health services that are provided by a licensed mental health professionals. Consult your insurance 
materials or contact your human resources department to review the specifics of your insurance plan's coverage of mental health services.
License Information

All clinicians are licensed as a mental health practitioners in the State of Maryland.

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