Caring Staff

Hargerstown, Maryland
Quality Care Internet Behavioral Health, LLP
Officers & Directors 
  • Millie Richmond, MS, CEO
  • Mark Bell, CFO
  • Mohammed Latif, MD, Medical Director
  • Ginger Wolford, LCPC, NCC, LPC, Director of Operations 
  • Paula Bollinger, BS, BA, CHCO, Compliance Consultant
  • Mohammed Latif, MD
  • Sarah Hollingswoth, CRNP PMH
  • Martina Jackson, RN, Nursing Supervisor
  • Angela Schiavoni, RN


  • Rochelle Baltimore-Swan, LCSW-C
  • Sharon Berry, LCSW-C
  • Gail Bottomley, LCPC-CPCAD
  • James Jacobus, LGPC
  • Kathryn Jackson, LGSW
  • Morgan Lawson, LCSW-C, Clinical Supervision
  • Rachel Love, LGPC
  • Cristina Negrete, LCSW-C
  • Rick Steele, LGSW
  • Ginger Wolford, LCPC, NCC, LPC

Community Support Specialists

  • Paul Castle
  • Victoria Johnson, BS Psychology
  • Karen Rock
Support Services
  • Purell "Pete" Barnett, Office Manager
  • Heather Workman, Front Desk Administrator

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